Read the letter from a viewer of Sweet Misery and help free Diane Fleming

Hi everyone-

I’m writing to ask a favor. I have a friend, Diane Fleming, who is in federal prison for a murder she did not, would not commit, her conviction and imprisonment compounding the tragedy of losing her husband due to the misdiagnosis and subsequent mistreatment in a hospital emergency room that led to his death. In the ten years since her conviction there has been an international outcry against this miscarriage of justice that has, at long last, brought us to this moment where the governor of Virginia is considering a petition to pardon Diane.

I first learned of Diane’s circumstance in a movie called “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World.” This is a disturbing and compelling film that I recommend to you. The interview with Diane begins at 1:20:41 minutes into the film.

There are links to lots more information here:

Would you write a quick email of support to Governor Robert McDonnell of the State of Virginia? It’s a cumbersome email form, but if you would take a minute, I would appreciate it very much. The note need only ask that the governor please take the time to review Diane Fleming’s case. The demonstration of support is a numbers game at a certain point, so if you will forward this note to someone who might join this effort, that would be very good.

Our compassion and generosity will go a long way, I’m certain, after which we can only pray for a compassionate and generous action from the governor.

Think of it as a random act of kindness….