Sunday, December 11, 2011

18 Crazy Facts Which Show That No Nation On Earth Is More Doped Up On Prescription Drugs Than America Is

EndoftheAmericanDream, Dec. 2, 2011

Anyone that comes to visit America may notice that most of us walk around like a bunch of zombies. Well, the truth is that this is because about half of us are completely doped up on prescription drugs. In America, we don't just take pills if we are sick. In this day and age, the pharmaceutical companies have come up with a pill for just about everything. If we are feeling a little sad, we are told to just pop a pill. If we are feeling a little bit of pain, we are told to just pop a pill. If our children like to run around and play, we are told that giving them the right pills will settle them down.

Every single year, prescription drug use in America increases, and there are dozens of different pharmaceutical companies that are making billions of dollars off of our "legal" addiction to drugs. The funny thing is that many of these "legal" drugs are only just the slightest bit different from many of the "illegal" drugs that are being sold out on the streets. But because they have "government approval", the big pharmaceutical companies can relentlessly peddle them to the American public. Many of these drugs are very damaging to our health, many of them are very damaging to our ability to think and many of them are extremely addictive.

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Change Your Diet & Help Save Animals From a Life of Suffering

New Dawn, Dec. 8, 2011

In May of this year Australians were outraged by the news that Australian cattle exported to Indonesia for slaughter had been brutally tortured in Indonesian abattoirs. But while the scandal was attributed to the poor training of Indonesian workers, a close inspection of slaughterhouse methods reveals that cruelty is an inescapable byproduct of animal slaughter no matter where it takes place and regardless of how well-trained animal handlers are.

In slaughterhouses in the United States, for example, where animal welfare standards are enforced by no less than the United States Department of Agriculture, cruelty still dominates the industry.

If we want to put a stop to that suffering only two choices are available. Either we eliminate the suffering in the slaughter process or we eliminate animal products from our diet.

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